Sawyer Click

develops interactive graphics at Business Insider

LGBTQ+ Representation

Business Insider // June'21

Queer representation in kids cartoons

SoftBank's Web

Business Insider // March'21

Connecting the dots on SoftBanks interconnected tech empire

Governor vaccinations

Business Insider // March'21

Tracking when governors got vaccinated and how it impact COVID-19 rates

CEO Advice

Business Insider // March'21

CEOs on how the pandemic changed business

An Ode to Title Fight

For Fun! // Jan.'21

How Title Fight's sound evolved

Ghost Kitchens

Business Insider // Jan.'21

Mapping out CloudKitchens and REEF locations

Gender Diversity

Business Insider // Jan.'21

Gender diversity on the boards of pre-IPO companies

Georgia's Run-off

Business Insider // Jan.'21

Legislative issues to be determined by Georgia's Senate race

Joe's Cabinet

Business Insider // Jan.'21

A visual database of Joe Biden's cabinet

Q's Supporters

Business Insider // Dec.'20

A visual database of QAnon supporters

Influencer Agents

Business Insider // Nov.'20

A database of influencer agents and managers

Q Drops

Business Insider // Nov.'20

A timeline of Q's first 5,000 drops

COVID Condegram

Observable // Dec.'20

A radial bar chart with COVID-19 data

Biotech Sell Offs

Business Insider // Oct.'20

Packed bubble chart showing stock sold from biotech executives

Izzy's Orbit

Business Insider // Oct.'20

A force-directed chart on the influence of hedge-fund behemoth Millennium

The GOP & QAnon

Business Insider // Oct.'20

Visualizing QAnon-related tweets from GOP and conservative personalities


The Dallas Morning News // Sept.'20

A special on how Dallas has neglected a freedman's town

Police Complaints

NYU Criminal Justice Lab // Sept.'20

How Indianapolis Police Department's few bad apples spoil the bunch

Internet Usage

The Wall Street Journal // Aug.'20

Scrollytelling radial-chart clocks on how internet usage patterns have been disrupted

Home Economics

The Wall Street Journal // Aug.'20

A small-multiple cartogram that showcases Home Depot's boom in foot traffic

Quake Swarm

The Wall Street Journal // June'20

How A.I. uncovered secrets about a flurry of earthquakes in California

Warming Up

The Wall Street Journal // July'20

Projected CO2 emissions and how the coronavirus could change things

Small Slice

The Wall Street Journal // July'20

How the world is funding sustainable enterprises amid the pandemic

Protest Data

The Wall Street Journal // June'20

Simplifying how political groups serve protestors ads based on geofencing


NBC News // May'20

Mapping how superyachts fled back to the U.S. after ports closed

Contour Density Maps

Observable // May.'20

A walkthrough on how to create a contour density map

COVID's Spread

Observable // March'20

Visualizing the spread of confirmed cases and deaths using a choropleth

Zero Waste

Columbia University // March'20

Data on why NYC's dreams to cut its waste to nil by 2030 won't come true

Domestic Surveillance

NBC News // Feb.'20

The spread of law partnerships between law enforcement agency and Amazon Ring

Coronavirus Tracker

NBC News // March'20

Auto-updating histogram tracking new coronavirus cases in the U.S. per day

Is Punk Dead?

Columbia University // Nov.'19

How Spotify's punk playlists forget the genre's forefathers

Quarantine Streaming

NBC News // March'20

Visualizing the coronavirus bump for streaming services

Tax Loophole

Observable // March'20

The projected revenue loss from a century-old tax loophole

2020's Dem. candidates

Columbia University // July'19

Following some 2020 Dem. candidates around the country via their Facebook events

Immigration Court

Observable // Feb.'20

Immigration court hearings by the medium through which they are presided over

State of the Union

NBC News // Feb.'20

How long President Trump spent on topics during 2020's State of the Union address